Koush Teases Android Mirroring To Amazon’s Fire TV


If you need to mirror the contents of your Android device to a TV, Koushik Dutta’s AllCast is your go-to app. The app can mirror or stream content to virtually any device including Xbox, PS3, Chromecast, Roku TV and more.

With Amazon unveiling the Fire TV last week, it was just a matter of time before Koush found a way to mirror Android devices to it.

While Koush has not yet added support for Fire TV in AllCast, he has already started posting teaser videos showing the mirroring in action. According to him, since Fire TV is just an Android platform mirroring content to it is much easier. The screen mirroring performance of Fire TV is on par with Apple TV — high quality and low latency — and is much better than Google’s Chromecast.

This can be seen from the video above, where there is barely any lag on the mirrored content even while playing games. With majority of the work done, except Koush to add support for Fire TV streaming in AllCast sometime within the next couple of weeks.