S-Off Access Gained On HTC One (M8)

Last week, developers jcase and beaups managed to gain root access on the HTC One (M8) including the Verizon variant. Less than a week later, S-Off has been achieved on the device as well allowing users to flash custom ROMs and kernels.

The credit for all the hard work goes to the Firewater team who have managed to gain S-Off access on the Verizon as well as the other variants of HTC One (M8) via an exploit. Firewater will allow One (M8) owners to flash custom ROMs and kernels on their handset without the need to unlock the bootloader first using HTC’s bootloader unlock tool. Using Firewater will not void the warranty of your device as well.

Do keep in mind that your HTC One (M8) must already be rooted before you can use Firewater to gain S-OFF on the device. The process itself is extremely simple and will only take 2 to 3 minutes and does not reset your device as well.

You can find all the required instructions to gain S-OFF on the HTC One (M8) over at Firewater’s website.