Falcon Pro Update Brings Smoother Scrolling And Other Bug-Fixes


Falcon Pro might not be available on the Play Store anymore but it is still considered among the best Twitter clients available for Android. Even though the app can now only be used by a limited number of users, the developer — Joaquim Verges — still drops in a huge update every once in a while to keep his existing user base happy.

Today is one such day with Falcon Pro getting a pretty huge update after quite a while. The update does not really bring any major new changes or features except for some overall enhancements that should please all the existing users of the app. This includes a smoother scrolling experience, better image handling and loading, internal browser enhancements and some bug fixes.

Below is the full change-log of the update:

– Updated Twitter4j to 4.0.2 with SPDY support
– Smoother scrolling
– Better image loading handling
– Better threading policy
– Fixed quick preview being larger than the screen
– Fixes for internal browser
– Other fixes from crash reports

If you already have Falcon Pro installed on your Android device, the update should be available for you on the Play Store. If not, you can always download the APK from here.