App Of The Week: Tweedle Is One Of The Best Twitter Clients On The Market


Tweedle for Twitter made its debut appearance on the Google Play Store at the start of 2013, and unsurprisingly the elegant, fluid and feature-packed third-party client took the entire Android user base by storm. So, as a result, we’ve decided to give this app its very own review right here on Cult of Android.

Tweedle offers its users a smooth and modern interface with the ability to customize notifications, edit synchronization options and change the color scheme of the app. Tweedle has a very simple interface, with fluid transitions and pull to refresh functions.

The main timeline scrolls effortlessly and displays tweets in the same way as the Twitter website. Pictures and videos show up as a direct link to a webpage – but when you tap on a tweet, it shows the image in an expanded view. Swiping in from the right reveals an account switcher, this is particularly useful if you manage multiple accounts on your phone. Swiping in from the left reveals mentions and direct messages.

Users can customize notifications by setting up notification preferences – this allows you to separate updates and notification rules for each timeline, mentions and direct messages panel. For example you can choose to set your timeline to update every 2 minutes in the background, but not your direct messages.

Tweedle also permits its users to set custom themes, there are 5 preloaded themes on board – however there’s also a complete set of customization options which enable you to create your own. When creating your own theme you have the ability to change the background, menus, headers, scroll bars and link text to whatever color you want.

Tweedle for Twitter is very similar to the official Twitter application, in as much as it provides the user with a basic set of functions, however, it’s more advanced as it gives them the option to customize their notifications and change the in-app themes. The application also incorporates many dynamic features, including full emoji support, in-line Twitter and Instagram pictures, a built-in, native YouTube player, an in-app browser, and, finally, a DashClock extension.

Overall, Tweedle is one of the best third-party Twitter clients that we have tested here at Cult of Android for some time, and if you’re in the market for a new application to read your tweets we strongly urge you to give it a try. If you would like to download the app, click the link below.