Google Opinion Rewards Touches Down In Australia, Canada & The U.K.


Google has today announced that it’s now expanded the availability of its incredibly popular Opinion Rewards application to Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. For those unaware, the app requires its users to take part in quick surveys in order to earn Google Play credit.

Believe it or not, some of the survey’s are rather fun and are a good way of passing the time, whether you’re waiting in a queue at the Post Office or laying in bed. Users can earn a maximum of $1.00 USD (or your local equivalent) in Play credits for completing each survey, which include questions such as, “Which logo is best?”, “Which promotion is most compelling?” and “When do you plan on traveling next?”

Getting started is incredibly straight forward. Head on over to the Google Play Store by clicking the source link below, download and install the application, register for the service using your Google Account credentials, then you’re good to go. Survey’s roll in approximately once a week, and you’ll receive a push notification when they’re ready to be answered.