Samsung Galaxy S5 Pitted Against The Galaxy S4 In A Drop Test [Video]

Drop Test

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is immune to water spills or even dust, but its durability is not known to us yet. But thanks to a new drop test conducted on video, we now get an idea as to how sturdy the smartphone really is. The handset was compared along with the Galaxy S4 from last year to give us a better idea of how much has changed in terms of durability.

Needless to say, the Galaxy S5 is vastly more superior in terms of durability compared to the predecessor. Both smartphones were dropped at similar heights each time and it seems like the Galaxy S5 has sustained lesser damage, although there was considerable damage to the camera sensor. And this was only after a third drop, by which time the Galaxy S4 had a cracked screen.

The Galaxy S5 even lasted after being run over by an SUV, so that pretty much sums up the durability of the smartphone. The likelihood of your smartphone being run over by a vehicle is very low, but it’s good to know that the new Samsung flagship is durable, especially considering the bad history of its predecessors.