Google Keep Gets An Update To Version 2.2 With A Slightly Revamped UI

Google Keep version 2.2

One of the most popular note taking applications for Android, Google Keep has just received a new update to version 2.2 bringing a flurry of changes on board.

Prominent among these changes is the new yellow action bar which is well in line with Google’s Play Music app. Users can also make copies of notes right within the app now and access deleted notes from the past seven days with the help of a new recycled folder.

The update Keep application also comes with a new multi account selector option allowing you to switch between different email accounts more easily. The update is yet to go live from Google’s channels, but luckily you can download the apk of the updated Google Keep before it’s officially rolled out. As is the case with Google updates, the update could take anywhere between a day or a week to hit every device across the world, so this appears to be a viable option if you’re impatient to try out the new version of Keep.

The apk files are secure and safe since they’ve been extracted directly from Google.

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