Celebrate PB & J Day With Arctic Arcade Antics Of Polar Bowler

polar bowler

Did you know that today was National PB & J day? WildTangent Studios sure did, and they chose today to launch Polar Bowler, an arcade-style puzzle platforming game that’s available on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

In this new game, you’ll take control of the titular polar bear, PB, and his sidekick penguin, J, and shoot them across the frozen landscape with a giant slingshot. PB sits on top of an upgradeable inner tube, catapulted through tight turns and loops to knock down all the bowling pins which are inexplicably set up around the arctic play land.

These clowns aren't too scary.

These clowns aren’t too scary.

You’ll need to knock through mystery crates along the way to gather power ups, extra collectible coins, or one of 10 different special inner tubes with special traits. Of course, with this being a free-to-play title, you can purchase these special tubes at the Bearhouse store. When you pick up one of these bad boys, PB & J will get a costume upgrade, like the Balloon Tube and the delightful clown outfits above.

“We can’t wait for fans of PB and J to get a taste of their latest mobile adventure,” said Matt Shea, head of WildTangent Studios, in a statement. “PB’s ‘hang loose’ attitude and zest for fun hasn’t changed, but Polar Bowler brings a whole new strategic style of play. What better way to celebrate National PB & J Day than taking this aptly named duo for spin?”

Build your Polar Score as you knock down the pins and clear each level so you can advance to more challenging maps, using new tubes like the Tesla Tube with its electrical zapping powers or the Cowboy Tube with horseshoes to toss.

All in all, it seems like a fun time, so head on over to the appropriate app store for your favorite device and slingshot these crazy characters all over the ice.