You Can Now Install Google Wallet Onto Your Verizon Galaxy Nexus

There was a lot of commotion made when the Android community found out that Verizon had asked for Google Wallet be left out of their LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices. They sited “security reasons,” but we all knew it most likely had to do with Verizon’s stake in ISIS — a direct competitor to Google Wallet. Whatever the case may be, there’s always one thing we can always count on, and that’s the Android community.

Thanks to lukegb over at XDA, users of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus can now download the Google Wallet APK and install it how they would any other 3rd party app. If for some reason you had previously downloaded the Google Wallet .zip method for root users, you will have to return to a backup pre-Wallet before installing the APK. You’ll also be happy to know that upon installing Google Wallet, you’ll get a free $10 prepaid MasterCard to spend however you’d like. If you happen to live around a business that accepts Google Wallet payments, this may be your chance to try it out.

You can download the Google Wallet APK HERE and follow the instructions at the source link below.