The Best Android Apps & Games: March 2014

This month saw the release of quite a few top-notch apps and games on the Play Store. A couple of apps and games were available on iOS since quite sometime and finally made their debut in the last month.

Below, we list down the best apps and games released on the Play Store in the last month. 

Smash Hit

Smash Hit was released last month on the iOS App Store as well as the Play Store and comes from the makers of other hit games like Sprinkle and Granny Smith. The game puts the user in a beautiful futuristic dimension where they smash their way via balls through all the glass obstacles and targets in their path.

The game has an extremely addictive gameplay accompanied by some quality graphics. In the free version of the game, the user will have to start the game from the beginning every time they die. They can, however, gain the ability to restart from the last checkpoint by buying the premium version of the game through an IAP of $1.99.

As a bonus, the game also features Google Play game integration so that you can compare your scores and compete against your friends.

Download: Smash Hit (Free)


Threes is a very popular game for iOS that finally landed on the Play Store for Android devices last month. The game is a very simple puzzle game that requires users to add numbers for a total sum of three. There is no learning curve and users can learn the game within a minute.


The game also sports Google Play games integration with cloud sync and multiplayer support. A warning though, the game is extremely addictive so your productivity levels might take a hit.

Download: Threes! ($2.99)

Cut the Rope 2

A couple of months after being released on the App Store, Cut the Rope 2 finally makes its Play Store debut. The basic premise of the game remains the same — helping Om Nom in collecting his candy.

In the second version of the game — Om nom — breaks through his box and travels through lush forests, underground tunnels, busy cities and junkyards to collect his candy. This time though, he also has a buddy — Nommies —  to help him in his pursuit for candies.

While the game is free to download, you will need to buy the IAP to unlock additional levels.

Download: Cut the Rope 2 (Free)


Epoch 2 puts the users into the shoes inside a badass robot in a post apocalyptic world with only one aim he was programmed for — protect Princes Ameila.


The game is based on the Unreal Engine 3, which means that it has some breathtaking graphics. The gameplay is also nicely done and allows the user to upgrade the robot using metal scraps and other weapons that they might find during their journey.

As a bonus for early buyers, Epoch 2 can be grabbed from the Play Store at a 50% discount for only $2.50.

Download: EPOCH.2 ($2.99)

Now that we are done with all the major game releases of the last month, we shift our attention to some quality and unique apps released on the Play Store in the last month.

Link Bubble

If there is one app or game that you must buy from this list, it has to be Link Bubble. The app is a revelation of sorts and will completely change the way you browse on your Android device. In a nutshell, Link Bubble is a pop-up browser that loads the webpage in the background, which allows you to still use your current app instead of waiting for the webpage to load.


The app can also display how much time it has saved you since being installed, which is a nice way of showing how handy the app actually is in the long run.

The free version of Link Bubble only allows one pop-up, which should be enough for you to decide whether the full version of the app is worth its $4.99 price tag or not.

Download: Link Bubble (Free)


Timehop makes its Play Store debut after being released on the iOS AppStore more than a year ago. The app allows the user to revisit this day a year or two ago from various social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter.


The app is completely free to use and can also send users with push notifications and email reminders for their daily timehop.

Download: Timehop


The Gmail client for Android is pretty slick and feature rich but has a serious gripe. Even though it supports the actionable notifications introduced in Jelly Bean (Android 4.1+), it lacks the ability to directly mark an email as read from the notification bar.


MarkAsRead solves exactly that problem and allows users to directly mark their email as read from the notification bar.

Download: MarkAsRead ($1.30)

Which is your favorite app or game from this list? Drop in a comment and do let us know!