Xperia Z2 Calendar App Ported To All Android 4.1+ Devices


Sony’s skin on its Xperia devices has never been considered a bloatware with its core apps always being praised for their beautiful and functional design. Usually, with time most of the core apps on Sony devices are easily ported to other Android devices as well.

With the Xperia Z2 system dump being released back in February, it was only a matter of time before some developers managed to port the core apps to other devices. Now, thanks to the hard work of developers Jishnu Sur and Aman_Arora, the Calendar app of Xperia Z2 has been ported to all other Android devices running Android 4.1 or higher. Installing the app requires root access and a custom recovery, but it is pretty stable and you can safely replace the stock calendar on your device with it.

Right now, the app only has a couple of minor glitches — vibration not working with reminder notifications and not able to invite people to events but they are not really a deal breaker.

The Xperia Z2 calendar app is much, much better than the Google Calendar app or just about any other calendar app available on the Play Store. It has a much more aesthetically pleasing design and features that almost makes it a must have for all users that have root access on their devices.

Head over to this XDA thread for the download link and installation instructions.