Xiaomi MiKey Is A User Configurable Hardware Button For Under $1

Xiaomi MiKey Main

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has announced a new user configurable hardware button which fits into the 3.5mm headphone slot of a smartphone. Users can assign the button to perform various functions with a pattern of clicks.

Over 10 different functions can be set, although it doesn’t sound practical to press a button ten times to open an app or a specific feature. Most users might not find it convenient to assign more than three or four clicks to open a specific application.

This device costs under $1 and will be available starting April 8 in China. We’re guessing most Xiaomi handsets that have launched recently should work with the application, so compatibility is not a major concern.

Xiaomi MiKey

The idea of a user customizable hardware button isn’t new. In fact, a Kickstarter backed project called ‘Pressy’ offered exactly the same functionality, but for a range of Android devices.

However, it is likely that the MiKey might get a lot more exposure than Pressy considering Xiaomi’s popularity in the region. Pressy is merely a crowd funded accessory, so it might not have made much noise in all parts of the world. But Xiaomi shouldn’t shy away from admitting that this new accessory is based off Pressy.