Official Coursera App Makes Its Way To Android

Coursera Android

The popular education based portal, Coursera has now found a new home on Android with the official app making its way to the Play Store. Previously available only on web and iOS, this has certainly come as good news for Android users.

If you’re unaware of Coursera, it basically lets users take courses in a variety of branches free of cost and at their convenience. So unlike the real school experience, users are not bound by time to participate in these courses. This is particularly convenient for people who work during the day or have other commitments.

Over 100 institutions across the globe are involved with Coursera and offer up to 600 courses, all free of cost. So if you’re looking to learn something new without having to spend a dime, Coursera is the place to look.

The app is a free download and will sync with the web and iOS version, so you can pick up and resume your courses from where you left off from your computer or any other device. New users can register for Coursera within the app directly.