Nokia X Gets An Update With The Ability To Change Tile Colors

Nokia X

The Nokia X smartphone has reportedly received its first Android update with some subtle improvements in tow. Notable among the changes is the ability to change the colors of the live tiles of the handset. This is a welcome addition to the device, as customization was previously quite limited.

In its current form, the Nokia X comes with a row of tiles in the same colors with no option to change the color of individual tiles. However this new update will now bring the ability to change the colors of those tiles as necessary. However, it is said that users can only change the colors of third party apps, so you will have to settle with whatever Nokia is offering for its core apps.

All the users have to do is long press on the desired third party app and press the little wheel icon that pops up and select the desired color from there. Users can pick from orange, sky blue, dark blue, purple, pink and green colors, so there are plenty of options. As of now, only the Nokia X is reportedly getting the update, but the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL should get an update as well.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update already.