HTC One (M8) Will Support Carrier Aggregation For LTE-A Networks

New HTC One (M8)

LTE-Advanced networks are slowly making their way to the U.S. courtesy of AT&T, which recently kicked off the service in Chicago using carrier aggregation. But lack of proper hardware was believed to be one of the issues holding back adoption. However that could change as the newly launched HTC One (M8) is revealed to feature support for carrier aggregation.

With the AT&T variant of the new HTC One not arriving for a few days now, users might have to wait before testing out the feasibility this feature. But it’s good news nonetheless that HTC has added the feature by default on its premier flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been revealed to have this feature already, but HTC has beaten Samsung to the punch on this one.

Other carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile are expected to support these networks later this year, while Sprint will reportedly merge this feature with its popular Sprint Spark tri-band LTE service.

LTE-A networks are predominantly found in South Korean markets where almost every flagship announced comes with support for these networks, but it could soon become the new standard in the U.S. telecommunications industry.