HTC Uploads A Bunch Of First Look Videos For One (M8)


Last night, HTC unveiled its latest and greatest flagship — the HTC One (M8). The handset is packed with quite a new features which confuse many new users. To make their lives easier, HTC has posted a bunch of videos on YouTube that explain the various new features of the handset. 

The first video is very general in nature and is aimed at giving potential buyers a first look at the handset.

The second and third videos are aimed at the benefits of the Duo Cameras and the primary 4MP UltraPixel camera and how its low resolution is not going to be an issue for the majority of users out there.

There are a bunch of other videos that show the various motion gestures on the phone in action, the ability to change the focus of an image, Zoe and more. Make sure to head over to this playlist on YouTube to watch all the videos uploaded by HTC.