Sony Indicates It Might Not Jump Into The Android Wear Bandwagon

Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony doesn’t sound too keen on launching an Android Wear smartwatch this year. This comes after several major Android OEMs like Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and ASUS committed to launching a smartwatch based on the new wearable OS soon.

The two smartwatches unveiled by Sony so far haven’t exactly flown off the shelves, so it’s a little baffling that the manufacturer wouldn’t join the potentially lucrative alliance.

“We’ve already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction,” said Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile U.S., in an interview with CNET.

Perhaps Sony could launch an Android Wear smartwatch in the future and still work on its own smartwatch simultaneously. This is what Samsung is doing, having recently launched the Gear 2 and the Gear Fit smartwatches, while committing to launching an Android Wear smartwatch.

It seems like the only smartwatch we’ll get to see from the Japanese manufacturer this year will be the the Sony SmartWatch 3.