Here’s How The iOS vs. Android War Is Playing Out Globally


Want to know how the iOS and Android battle is playing out around the world?

Mobile technology firm dotMobi has created an infographic dividing 101 countries around the world into either the Apple (black) or Google (green) camp, based on device browsing. (Grey countries are not included in the dataset.)

What emerges is, in some ways, a confirmation of what many people suspect: that Apple tends to be more dominant in Western markets, due to the premium cost of its devices — while Android is triumphing in many emerging markets thanks to its wider variety of products, available at lower price points.

In terms of numbers Android is winning — leading in 67 nations compared to Apple’s 34 — but Apple maintains the lead in key Western markets like the U.S., UK, Canada, France and Japan.

As for other platforms, the situation’s not looking good.

Only two markets are “won” by non-Apple or Google platforms — with BlackBerry leading in South Africa, with 39% of the market, while Nokia leads in Bangladesh, with 26% of mobile Web traffic.

In the U.S., Android and iOS combined make up 97% of total Web browsing, according to dotMobi.

A breakdown of other countries can be seen below:iOS-v-Android-global-split