Samsung Will Launch A New Website Showcasing Its Design Principles

Samsung Design

Samsung has just announced the arrival of a dedicated website which will show off the company’s design principles used across a wide range of products. This website will go live on the 27th of March and there’s even a video teaser telling us what to expect.

Samsung products aren’t usually synonymous with great design, but the company has tried to change that to some extent with the Galaxy S5.

Users will be able to understand how Samsung comes up with the design for a particular device and also get a peek into what’s to come in the future. The video teaser gives a small glimpse of the flexible display concept as well which we could see a lot more of in the coming days.

It will be interesting to see the design principles of the Galaxy S5 and other products to understand what really goes on behind the scenes before a new product is launched. As specified by the teaser, this website will cover a broad range of products, so it won’t be limited to mobile devices.