The ZTE9 FunBox Is The Latest Home Entertainment Console In Town


ZTE9, which is a partnership between Chinese manufacturer ZTE and The9, has just announced the FunBox home entertainment device. While it’s being marketed as a gaming console, it can also double as a very capable entertainment hub.

On the inside it features a quad core NVIDIA Tegra 4 chipset, 8GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. The FunBox also comes with a dedicated Bluetooth controller meant specifically for gaming. Users can connect the device to a compatible television via HDMI, just like any home media device. ZTE9 claims that customers can also make video calls using the console using a compatible Smart TV.

“The FunBox has opened up new possibilities in the home entertainment space,” Adam Zeng, Chairman of ZTE9 said today speaking on the launch of FunBox. He further said – “The FunBox will be supported by a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses hardware, content and channels, as we are committed to bringing a high-quality home entertainment experience to consumers.”

The device is yet to be unveiled in global markets, so it is somewhat exclusive to China for the time being. However, knowing that ZTE is a global brand, we expect the FunBox to eventually make its way to global markets as well.