Motorola Assist Updated To Support Multiple Calendars


Late yesterday afternoon, Motorola updated its official Assist app on Google’s Play Store, which is sadly currently only available to download on the following smartphones: the Moto X, the Droid Ultra, the Droid Mini and the Droid Maxx. The Motorola Assist app brings users exclusive added functionality that they would not usually receive as standard on their Android-powered handsets, and now, thanks to this update, users will be able to have multiple calendars monitored throughout their day-to-day life.

Prior to this upgrade, if a calendar notification was received, the event would be presented on the devices display, then read aloud if prompted to do so by the user. However, this setting was only available for one calendar, which, as I’m sure you can agree, wasn’t particularly useful for many of us who store both work and personal data on our smartphones. But now, users will be able to receive notifications from multiple calendars.

In addition, Assist will now also be able to detect when a user is in a meeting, based on their calendar events, and will automatically mute all notifications until it perceives that the meeting is over, best of all, users will be able to manually select which calendars can disturb them. For example, ‘it’s OK to be interrupted during your workout schedule and your spouse’s class schedule but not OK to be interrupted during meetings and family time’. That’s a pretty nifty feature to have on your smartphone, if you ask me.

If you own an Assist-compatible smartphone and want to download the update — click the source link below.