Samsung Gear Smartwatches Could Get Compatibility With Non-Samsung Devices [Rumor]

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A Samsung official has claimed that its range of Gear smartwatches could soon get compatibility with non-Samsung devices as well. At the moment, Gear smartwatches are only supported by a select number of Samsung Galaxy devices.

This is by no means a confirmation from Samsung, but merely a word from a company official that the smartwatch could be compatible with the rest of the Android crowd in the coming months. We’re taking this with a pinch of salt until then, but it’s not implausible given the opportunities it would open up for the Korean manufacturer.

Here’s what Samsung’s head of the European division had to say – ” I don’t know what the roadmap is for that, but I’m confident that would be the case.” He said this when asked if the Gear smartwatches would make its way to Sony or LG devices.

Part of the problem for Samsung’s Gear devices now is the lack of compatibility. But if that is checked off the list by making a dedicated app available in the Play Store, Samsung could be looking at a substantially improved sales chart for its smartwatches.