HTC Sense 6.0 With Motion Launch Gestures Shown Off In A Leaked Video


The All New HTC One has leaked numerous times over the last couple of weeks including a 12-minute video review. While we already know everything about the hardware of the device, not much has leaked about Sense 6.0 and all the new features that it will pack.

That changes today, thanks to a video that shows Sense 6.0 in action albeit on the previous generation One.

The video reveals all the new goodies that Sense 6.0 will feature including double tap to wake, the ability to start the camera by pressing the volume buttons when the device is in landscape mode, swiping from the right of the screen to access BlinkFeed from anywhere and more.

Below is the full

HTC has also updated all of its stock apps in Sense 6.0 to take advantage of the new transparent status and navigation bar APIs in KitKat. Even though the Sense 6.0 ROM is running on the 2013 variant of the HTC One, it once again confirms that the new One will be coming with a microSD card slot along with 16/32GB of onboard storage space.

Once the all new HTC One comes out, it will just be a matter of time before the previous generation One gets a taste of Sense 6.0 via a ported ROM as well.

What do you think about Sense 6.0 from the above video? Or will you still prefer stock Android over it?