Amazon Game Controller Poses For The Camera [Leak]

Amazon Controller

A new leak has revealed that the rumored Amazon set top box or home media device could be launched soon. The image you see above is believed to be included in the online retailer’s upcoming venture as part of a gaming plus media viewing experience.

The alleged Amazon gaming controller comes with the standard array of buttons along with some media controls at the bottom. It also comes with the standard array of Android control buttons confirming that this alleged set top box will be running Android.

Below these three navigation buttons is a mystery button, which could perhaps take users to a gaming social hub like Play Games. Amazon already has GameCircle which helps users keep track of achievements, leaderboards etc, so it’s fair to assume that this button could give users easy access to that service. The controller is believed to come with LED indicators on the left and right portion, showing the bluetooth status and battery life respectively.

Amazon Controller -1

Games shouldn’t be a problem for Amazon as it already has several popular titles on its dedicated app hub, so it will be interesting to see how it taps into the market with this new device. We will keep our eyes and ears open for more on this gaming controller and the set top box that it is supposed to launch with.

Amazon Controller -Side