Samsung Launches Galaxy Grand 2 With LTE-A Support

Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung has just launched a modified version of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 handset with LTE-A networks for its home region of South Korea. The smartphone was launched back in November last year with a 5.25 inch 720p display and a quad core processor. This variant also packs double the storage at 16GB instead of 8GB as on the standard variant.

Given that LTE-A networks are only available in South Korea at the moment, we might not see this particular model of the handset venture its way out of the region. The smartphone is priced at 517,000 Korean Won which isn’t a lot for a midrange device of this caliber. Since these networks require a specific chipset to be installed inside, manufacturers in Korea are increasingly launching separate variants with support for these networks.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is reportedly launching with an LTE-A chip by default, which is good news. However, given the slow adoption of this network, the news might not affect a lot of customers across the world. American carrier AT&T recently brought support for these bands in Chicago, although it isn’t fully usable yet due to lack of compatible devices. But we should see more markets across the world get support for LTE-A in the coming months.