AT&T Executive Pours Cold Water Over Talks Of Sprint’s Merger With T-Mobile


The CMO of AT&T, John Stephens doesn’t sound all too optimistic about the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile going through. It seems like he’s speaking with experience here as the carrier failed to grope T-Mobile a couple of years ago and had to incur heavy amounts in fines for the cancellation of the deal. Stephens said everybody would be very surprised if the FCC and the authorities actually permit this acquisition.

That actually seems to be the general consensus at this point as not a lot of people are positive about Sprint and T-Mobile’s hopes. However, it’s unfair to liken this with the AT&T/T-Mobile merger as that included one of the top carriers of the country, while this proposed merger is between the No.3 and No.4 carriers of the country. So it is believed that the FCC is looking at this proposal slightly differently than it did two years ago.

If the merger does indeed go through, the two companies could bring in a plethora of customer friendly features which is something that T-Mobile is already known for. Of course this would be very troubling for Verizon and AT&T, but ultimately rewarding for the customers.

What do you think of this proposed merger? Will it go through?