New Indiegogo Campaign Seeks To Raise Funds For The ‘HeadWatch’


A new Indiegogo campaign has managed to catch our attention as one of the strangest implementations of a smartwatch we’ve seen yet. Known as the HeadWatch, this device basically is a smartwatch which can also double as a headset when unhooked from the strap.

As the video shows, users can do things that they would do with a conventional smartwatch and at the same time plug the device onto their ear and use it to answer calls. While the idea is new and fresh, we’re not sure if this is any easier than just pulling out the phone from your pocket or bag.

The HeadWatch comes with a clip on the back which allows users to plug it onto their ear securely, so that it doesn’t fall off midway through the conversation. The smartwatch can also show messages and mails on the device with clarity thanks to the color display on board. It comes with a 3D accelerometer, RGB strip lights on the top and bottom, luminosity sensor, temperature sensor and a button-less design.

The makers promise to ship the consumer version of the device by March 2015, so there’s still a lot of time left before you could play around with one of these. The cheapest alternative costs $169 plus $15 for shipping, which they call the early adopter ‘Gold’ discount. Retail price at launch is reportedly going to be $250.