Xperia Themes Will Breathe A New Life Into Your Sony Smartphone

Xperia Themes

Sony has just announced Xperia Themes, which is a stock option to allow deeper customization of its smartphones. This can be accessed through the settings of every Xperia device running Android 4.3 or above. With this, users will be able to give their handset’s UI a complete makeover without having to rely on third party solutions from the Google Play Store.

Users are supposed to head into Settings-Personalisation-Theme and tap on the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner to access this collection of themes. Sony mentions that newer themes will be added each day, so users will never run out of customization options.

Although Sony only has 20 themes on offer, users can customize every little detail down to the navigation bar, icons and wallpapers. As this is coming straight from the manufacturer, there might not be any performance based issues as each theme will be tailored to work with every Android 4.3 running Xperia smartphone or tablet.

This is certainly a nice way to spice up your Sony device, especially if you’re not too fond of the manufacturer’s stock Android interface. So make sure you give this theme collection a look if you own a compatible Xperia smartphone.