Oppo Find 7 Leaked Photos Show Off Its Sleek Design And 13MP Camera


In less than two weeks from now, Oppo will reveal its latest flagship handset — the Find 7. Surprisingly, details about the handset are sparse excluding the fact that it would come in two variants, one with a 1080p display and another with a Quad HD display.

Today, the first photos of the Oppo Find 7 have made their way on the Internet showing off its sleek body and the crescent-shaped notification LED at the bottom.

The photos come courtesy of Red Dot Design that has also revealed some specs of the handset. While rumors had indicated that the Find 7 will come with a 50MP camera, the leaked photos suggest the presence of a 13MP sensor at the back aided by dual-LED flash. The handset will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor and support TD-LTE (4G) networks as well.


According to Red Dot’s now removed product description page, the Find 7 has a metal frame with the front glass and the frame becoming seamless at the edges. The bottom notification LED has been created in such a manner that the bottom of the device will glow up whenever a new notification comes in.

A simple editing job from a Redditor has also revealed that the Oppo Find 7 will come with capacitive navigation keys instead of an on-screen navigation bar that many OEMs are adopting nowadays.

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