Google Play’s 2nd Anniversary Deals Now Official In The U.S.

Google Play Anniversary

The Google Play Store recently kicked off its 2nd year anniversary promotions in Australia. Today, the American Play Store has received the same set of deals.

They cover a broad range of items ranging from apps, movies, books and even music, so make sure you give the Play Store a brief look if you’re looking to save some money on expensive titles. Users can also avail several discounts on in-app purchases until this offer lasts. Several music albums are included in the promotion as well.

These new set of deals aren’t as exciting as what Google has offered in the past, so it seems like a mere obligatory promotion from the Mountain View giant. But still, any money saved on games or other titles is a bonus, so it should be worth a look.

Prior to being known as the Play Store, Google’s app hub was known as the Android market. But back then, it was only limited to applications. Today, the Play Store deals in a wide range of media content, so its growth has been quite remarkable.