‘Driving Mode’ From The Samsung Galaxy S5 Spotted In A Screenshot [Leak]

Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was revealed to come with plenty of software features, mostly pertaining to health and fitness. These features were extensively shown off by the company during its official announcement last week. But a new leaked screenshot from the smartphone now reveals the existence of an all-new ‘Driving Mode’ which hasn’t been spoken about before. This app appears to sport a voice guided feature as well so that the drivers are not distracted.

The screenshot reveals relatively large icons for Phone, Messages, Navigation and Music apps which are pretty much all the functions you need while driving. It is still not known as to how Samsung has used its own services to merge with the Driving Mode feature, but we should know more as the smartphone begins selling in world markets in over a month from now.

The icons on the screenshot indicate that this will follow closely with Samsung’s latest UI design language which appears more pleasing to the eye and less cartoony. Several other manufacturers bundle a driving oriented mode on their smartphones, so it’s commendable of Samsung to pay attention to this feature as well, given how many distracted driving cases are filed every day.