The TOCCs 3-In-1 Magnetic Smartphone Lens Kit Adds Artistic New Views To Your Photos [Deals]


It’s time to start viewing the world around you through a whole new lens… and Cult of Android Deals has an offer that will help you do just that.

The TOCCs Smartphone Hi-Def Magnetic Lens Kit is perfect for adding an new artistic view to your photos. Your stock smartphone camera barely gets the job done, but you can exceed your expectations and take beautiful pictures that are full of life and really capture the moment with these lenses – and all for the low price of just $19.99!

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the Continental US, Canada, and the UK. Please be sure to select the correct “Ship To” country before clicking “Buy Now”. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final.

With a great “snap-on, snap-off” function that allows for easy use and quick installation, your life will be captured with fabulous photos all will enjoy. There’s an adapter designed for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S – but any smartphone with a 9.5mm or smaller lens is compatible – so you can capture images close up, far away, and with the classic 180-degree “fisheye” look.

The types of lenses that are part of this kit are as follows:

  • 180° Fisheye Lens
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Macro HD Lens

To check out images that use each of the lenses, visit the Deals page.

This kit is compatible with any smartphone sporting a camera lens 9.5mm or smaller, and can be yours for 79% off the regular price during this limited time offer. So start viewing the world through a whole new lens with The TOCCs Smartphone Hi-Def Magnetic Lens Kit. Get it for only $19.99 from the Deals page today!


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