Latest Paranoid Android Beta Update Introduces A Reworked Pie Mode


With the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, the Paranoid Android team decided to go back to the drawing board and make all their primary features much more elegant looking and simpler to use. While this move is for the overall benefit of their users, the downside is that adding all its previous features has been taking its own sweet time.

Today, the team has released PA 4.1 that brings back one of the major features of their ROM — Pie. 

If you have ever used Paranoid Android or a ROM based on it, you’d know that Pie is a replacement for the on-screen navigation bar. It hides the bottom navigation bar with a Pie shaped navigation bar that can be triggered on top of any app by swiping in from any of the pre-defined edges.


With this new version of Pie, the PA team has re-designed its functionality and style from the ground up so that it works better with the new Immersive mode in KitKat.

Below are the major changes to Pie introduced in this update:

  • Pie has been redesigned to match the KitKat design philosophies, with new typography and cleaner animations.
  • Pie is now fully integrated into the core user experience with the introduction of on-the-spot preferences. Gone are the days of sorting through endless settings, it can now all be configured on the fly.
  • Pie gives you all your status information at a glance, when your status bar is hidden, allowing you to get the full immersive experience without missing out on important information.
  • Pie now integrates the stock google now gesture. Your cards are never more than just a quick swipe away.
  • Pie no longer features access to the notifications and quick settings panel. Immersive mode means there is always quick access to the status bar.

The latest beta release also has a few bug fixes and performance improvements. You can download the latest version of the ROM directly from Paranoid Android’s website.