Top 3 Android Games: February 2014

Every month, thousands of games are published on the Play Store from big and small developers alike. However, not all of them are worth your time, effort and money. Some are filled with IAPs that completely destroy the gameplay and are meant for minting money from the users while others are just poorly made.

To help you save the effort from distinguishing the good games from the bad ones, we list down the top 3 games released on the Play Store in February. 


Swordigo is an action-adventure based game, where you run, jump and fight your way through enemies to gain XPs and level up your character. Your weapons? A flaming sword and some fireballs. While the game does not have Google Play games integration, it does support Immersive mode on KitKat running devices.


The best part about Swordigo is its price tag — the game is free to download and is completely devoid of any kind of IAPs or advertisements. However, the developers do mention that they might introduce IAPs or adverts in future updates to the game.

Download: Swordigo (Free)

The Room Two

It is the sequel to the BAFTA winning — The Room — which was considered by many as one of the best games released on the Play Store in 2013. Like in the original game, users here are to follow a trail of cryptic letters left by a scientist known as ‘AS’ to solve complex puzzles and mysteries.

The game has stunning graphics which is complemented by an equally haunting soundtrack. The developers have also baked in Google Play integration that allows for sharing of your saved game data across multiple devices.

Download: The Room Two ($2.99)

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

One of the most popular iOS games — Tilt to Live 2 — has finally been released on the Play Store. The game features an extremely addictive gameplay complemented by its top-notch graphics. In the game, the user needs to flee from dastardly dots and kill them using weapon orbs. It also includes two modes — Classic and Code Red — just in case the game becomes two easy for you.


The game does not feel like an iOS port and has been optimized to work on Android handsets as well as tablets. The game features Google Play achievements integration but lacks support for KitKat’s Immersive mode. If you are looking for your next addiction, look no further than Tilt to Live 2.

Download: Tilt to Live 2 ($2.99)

There were quite a few other quality games that were released on the Play Store last month including Traal, Mikey Shorts, Drifty Driver and Table Top Racing.

Which were your favorite games that were released in February? Are you currently hooked to any game mentioned in the above list? Drop in a comment and do let us know!