The Samsung Galaxy S5 Uses Three Separate Battery Saving Technologies

Galaxy S5

Samsung showed off the ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode’ feature from the Galaxy S5 during its announcement earlier this week. A new report now details how this feature works with three separate battery saving technologies reportedly being used.

Known as the NavExtend (GPS), WebExtend (web browsing) and GameExtend (games), these features will apparently scale down battery usage by up to 50%. Samsung is believed to have built these features right within the kernel so as to make it accessible to more apps out of the box. When at very low battery capacity, the Galaxy S5 switches its display to black & white colors in order to save battery. This is how the company aims to return a standby of nearly 24 hours even when the battery is on 10% or less.

Modern flagships aren’t known for their battery life. But it’s commendable of Samsung to develop features like these to eliminate one of the major customer pain points. The aforementioned additions will also reduce the heating up of the battery to a great extent, according to the report. So while the Galaxy S5 might have drawn substantial ire from Samsung fans for sporting a measly 2,800 mAh battery, features like these more than make up for it.