Chinese Manufacturer OnePlus To Launch Sub $400 Smartphone Soon

One Plus One

Chinese manufacturer OnePlus announced its plans to launch an Android smartphone called the One last month. This handset is currently being developed with the CyanogenMod team and is gearing up for a launch in the coming months. And today, the CEO of the company, Pete Lau has clarified the initial reports about its pricing.

Lau had earlier claimed that the smartphone would cost under $500 which led to speculation that the pricing would be set at $499 during launch. He has clarified the earlier post by saying – “Priced under $500 doesn’t mean $499. The OnePlus One will definitely be available for under $400.”

There’s barely anything in terms of a hardware sheet or even images of the smartphone at the moment, but the company has mentioned that this new device will pack LTE support and 2014 grade hardware for markets like the U.S.

And by claiming that the smartphone will run a CyanogenMod ROM, the manufacturer has managed to further increase interest among fans, especially in the developer community. So are you looking forward to the launch of the OnePlus One in the next few months?