Android Games Revenue Quadrupled In Q4 2013 [Report]

Android App Revenue

According to a new report from IDC and App Annie, Android managed to quadruple revenue generated from games in Q4 2013, while iOS doubled its numbers from the same period in 2012. Google Play games reportedly made as much as handheld consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita etc.

Expectedly, Candy Crush and Puzzle & Dragons raked in the most revenue on both Android and iOS. Overall, games made up for over 75% of all the revenue generated from mobile apps, which speaks volumes about the potential for games on mobile platforms.

The report claims that in-game spending grew rapidly in Asia compared to any other region around the world. This probably explains why a Korean game (Monster Taming for Kaoko) is third on the list of games which generated the most revenue in the quarter.

In-app purchases are a big hit with most developers following the ‘freemium’ model. This allows users to download the app for free, but spend money midway through the game progress for continuity. This is what Clash of Clans and Candy Crush does exceedingly well on both platforms.

The chart above doesn’t give out exact numbers and only mentions indexed numbers to give us an idea of where the two major platforms stand in terms of growth. But it is clear that Android is growing at a massive rate.

, App Annie