Samsung Could Launch A Snapdragon 805 Powered Galaxy Note 3 Soon [Rumor]

Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 broke cover last September packing a powerful hardware sheet. But it seems like the company could be announcing a refresh soon, if a demonstration given during the Mobile World Congress is anything to go by. Qualcomm and Samsung teamed up to show off a special variant of the Galaxy Note 3 during the event which was optimized to run on the Snapdragon 805 chipset.

This chip allegedly uses LTE Category 6 instead of Category 4 which is the current standard. With this new LTE modem, users will get up to double the bandwidth compared to the current crop of LTE chips. Qualcomm mentioned that the Snapdragon 805 chip with this LTE modem would make its way to devices later in the year, with Samsung possibly being one of the early adopters. Given Samsung’s LTE experiments in its home region of South Korea, it is possible that this new variant would be launched there first.

At about the same time this year, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 3 successor. So it’s possible that we might see the Galaxy Note 4 sporting this new and advanced Qualcomm chipset.