Archos CEO Inadvertently Kills A Phone During Its Water Resistance Demo [Video]

Quechua 5"

The CEO of Archos, Loic Poirier managed to make a serious faux pas during his live demo of the Quechua 5″ smartphone. This new handset is reportedly resistant to water splashes and comes with IP54 certification as well, which only provides immunity against accidental water spills and not complete submersion like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Sony Xperia Z2.

But it seems like the CEO wasn’t aware of this as he begins his demonstration by first dropping it on the floor to show its durability and then dunking the smartphone in a jug while filling it with water. But little did he know that the handset would actually die midway as the water seeps through the device. Expect this video to go viral in the coming days as it’s not often that we see a company CEO killing a phone during its demonstration.

Speaking more about the device in question, the Quechua 5″ is designed as an ideal outdoor phone which would last through your camps or adventure trips. The official product page makes it very clear that the smartphone is only capable of handling water splatters and not submersions.