Nokia Spills The Beans On Nokia X Launch Markets

Nokia X

Nokia certainly has big plans with its new trio of Nokia X devices as mentioned during the company’s keynote address yesterday. And the Finnish manufacturer has now spilled the beans on regions around the world which will receive the smartphone first.

Nokia is excluding North America, Korea and Japan from the list as it wants to aim only emerging markets where the handsets could sell in great numbers. Speaking further on the Nokia X, the company said that these won’t be the last of the family, even as the Microsoft acquisition nears completion.

The VP of Nokia’s mobile marketing division, Jussi Nevanlinna said the following in a statement – “These are global products, which will be available pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea and Japan. We have a particular focus on growth markets – for example, India and China, Thailand and Indonesia then over to Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria, and South America, especially countries like Brazil, and Mexico. They are all places where we’re seeing this big shift from feature phones to affordable smartphones.”

This works ideally for Nokia as this new series of devices won’t pose a threat to its already existing Lumia lineup, which is mostly concentrated on the midrange and high end segment.