Fleksy Smart Keyboard Landing On The Samsung Gear 2

Fleksy Keyboard Gear 2

Makers of the popular Fleksy predictive keyboard app have decided to bring the keyboard to the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. According to the developer, Fleksy is the first third party keyboard app to collaborate with Samsung for the Gear 2.

The practicality of a keyboard on an already small smartwatch will be interesting to assess. And with the screenshot available, it is clear that this isn’t meant for speed typing. The makers however claim that since Fleksy is based mostly on prediction, this will be ideal for smaller devices such as the Gear 2.

The COO of Fleksy, Ioannis Verdelis said the following in the company’s official statement – “Fleksy’s patent-pending technology is uniquely positioned for wearable devices. Fleksy allows user to accurately type on any device, regardless of size, and we are very excited to work with Samsung to finally bring this unique technology to the Gear 2.0”.

Fleksy recently made its SDK available for iOS developers as well, so the company is certainly eyeing its expansion into Apple’s ecosystem.