Over 75% Of All Android Apps Will Be Compatible With The Nokia X

Nokia X

One of the key issues raised during the Nokia X announcement yesterday was pertaining to app compatibility. While Nokia made it clear that side loading of applications will be supported on the smartphone, it didn’t actually give out a specific number.

The company has now mentioned that over 75% percent of all Android apps from the Google Play Store will be compatible with Nokia’s new Android handsets. The apps which won’t be compatible are the ones that rely on Google’s in-app payments, maps or push notifications, so everything else will just work. As for the remaining 25% that are incompatible with these devices, developers can use a porting system which will reportedly take up to 8 hours.

Nokia also has a system in place where developers can try uploading their APK onto one of its sites to check for compatibility with the trio of Nokia X smartphones. In order to increase developer revenue, Nokia is also endorsing carrier billing for in-app purchases. This won’t require users to share their bank account or debit card details as the money will be charged by the local carrier. Currently over 160 carriers in 60 countries are supporting the operator billing method, with the number believed to increase over the months.