Latest WhatsApp Update Lets You Hide Your Status, Profile Picture & ‘Last Seen’ Info

Whatsapp Android

The latest WhatsApp update for Android gives users the ability to hide their profile image, status, and their “last seen” status. The new privacy features are a welcome update to the world’s most popular cross-platform messaging service, which acquired by Facebook earlier this week for an incredible $19 billion.

The new release, which comes with build number 2.11.169, is rolling out to users now, according to a post on Reddit.

To access the new features, users will have to head over to the Settings, then Account, the Privacy — and then make the changes accordingly. You will have the option to make your profile picture, status, or the last seen details visible to everyone, contacts, or just you.

This will allow users to maintain anonymity when they wish to.

Your contacts, however, will be notified if you’re online, but when you go offline, your “last seen” status is left blank instead of showing when you were last using the app. The update could be rolling out in batches so it might take a while to hit your device, but you can manually try to pull the update from WhatsApp’s website.