Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature ‘Side Touch’ Camera Shutter Key [Rumor]

Galaxy S5

A new leak has shed light on what could be another unique selling point of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Sources claim that the device will boast a dedicated, touch-sensitive camera shutter key called the “Side Touch” button that will be invisible to the eye.

The button will allow users to take images just with a tap — without having to press a physical button. It is said that its functionality will be limited to just snapping photos in landscape mode only, and it won’t be used in portrait mode or when shooting video.

Physical camera shutter keys are very rare these days, and only really seen on photography-focused devices, such as Sony’s Xperia smartphones and the Galaxy S4 Zoom. But Android 4.4 KitKat allows users to take images using the volume buttons instead.

Samsung obviously sees the need to have a separate button where standard shutter keys are usually located, but if it’s touch sensitive, one has to wonder whether it will be a help or a hindrance.

The Galaxy S5 is also believed to pack a ton of other camera features like 3D Tour Shot, Animated Photo, and Aqua mode for underwater camera shots. Samsung is scheduled to unveil it on Monday night at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.