Verizon Moto X Selling For 1¢ On Contract With A $100 Bill Credit [Deal]

Moto X - Moto Maker

The Verizon variant of the Moto X smartphone is available with a great discount through Amazon and Moto Maker; the popular smartphone can now be snatched up for just 1¢ for a limited time.

If you head over to Amazon, the Moto X can be bought for 1¢ with a $100 bill credit from Verizon. The Moto Maker listing makes no mention of the $100 bill credit — so this could be an Amazon-exclusive offer — but the handset itself is just 1¢ there, too.

The $100 bill credit is only available this week, so make sure you hurry if you’re interested in grabbing an excellent bargain on a super handset. Off contract, the Moto X will cost you $329.99, and that with a $70 savings promo that Motorola is running until February 22.

Customers interested in getting the 32GB variant on contract through Moto Maker or Amazon will have to shell out another $50. There’s no expiration date mentioned for this particular deal by either retailer, but it’s likely to be a week-long deal like the other one. Hit the links below to get yourself a Verizon branded Moto X from either of the sources.