Samsung’s Next Gen S-Pen Stylus Could Feature Built-In Speaker & Mic [Patent]


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still some distance away from its official unveiling, but a new patent filing might have given away some early hints of what’s to come from the new phablet. Samsung has just patented a stylus packing built-in microphone and speakers, which could well be its next-generation S Pen.

The patent filing states that this stylus can be used independently of the smartphone, almost as a substitute to a wireless headset. The filing further talks of the ability “to mount the pen to a shirt pocket or the like and communicate in a phone call using the portable terminal as a base.”

This could mean that users won’t need to take out their phablet device to receive or even make phone calls, operating with just the stylus instead. The technology may also allow them to record notes that could then be saved or translated into text on their smartphone.

The exact implementation of this new technology is not known yet, but it seems like this new tech will be used keeping convenience in mind.

Samsung has filed for another patent which allows for the stylus to expand upon removal from the smartphone, thus providing a better grip to the user. We’re waiting for more clarification on this particular patent from Samsung.

As these are just patent filings at the moment, there’s no clear word on whether the Korean manufacturer will show it off with the Galaxy Note 4.