Sony’s Upcoming ‘Sirius’ UI Showcased In Hands-On Video [Leak]

Xperia Sirius D6503

A new video leak has revealed the possible user interface of the Sony Xperia D6503 — also known as the Xperia Sirius or the Xperia Z2. The high-end smartphone is rumored to be headed for an MWC release, but this video gives us a sneak peek at the handset’s new software changes weeks in advance.

The video shows off the functioning of the lock screen and the home screen, displaying smoothness all across the board. The lockscreen music controls have been revamped with the ability to scrub the music track forward or back without having to unlock the phone, which is certainly a neat touch.

Further, the gallery app gets shown off along with the new camera app which, reconfirms the 4K video recording support we’ve already seen. While all these features look pretty stable, the source claims that this isn’t the final version of the software — so we may see a few more changes before the official release of the Xperia Sirius.

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