Galaxy S5 Price Tag To Drop Drastically Within First 3 Months [Report]

Galaxy S5 Chart

Research firm Idealo claims that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come down drastically within the first three months of its launch. The figures are based on historical trends for past Galaxy S devices, which have all come down in price quickly after their release.

Idealo believes that the price of the Galaxy S5 will come down by around 24% three months after launch. So if the handset does arrive at MWC later this month as expected, we can probably expect pricing to come down by June or July this year.

Idealo’s chart above shows Samsung’s past trends after the launch of a flagship Galaxy S device. Since this is taking global customers into account, customers on contract (in the U.S.) probably won’t see a difference as the pricing remains consistent over a three month period.

So, if you’re planning to pick up a Galaxy S5, it may pay to wait a few months. Given how much smartphones cost off contract and unlocked, it could save you some cash. Of course, that’s easier said than done; we know how hard is it to resist the latest devices.