WSJ: Nokia Set To Release First Android Powered Smartphone In Barcelona [Rumor]


According to a report just published by The Wall Street Journal, Nokia, the Finnish smartphone maker, is set to finally show off its first Android-powered device, codenamed the Normandy, at the Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona.

Unfortunately, the tipsters didn’t give the WSJ any new information with regards to the handsets hardware, but did support a series of leaked press renders recently published on Twitter, announcing that Nokia has completely stripped away all of the native Google content (Maps, Google+, Calendar and the Play Store) and replaced it with its very own social networking applications and App Store. In addition to completely reskinning the Vanilla Android user interface and superseding it with its characteristic Window’s Phone-like ‘cards’ UI.

What’s more, due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia back in 2013, the Normandy will be the only Android-powered smartphone on the market to ship with the industry standard Microsoft Office Suite software — so this device has the potential to be the perfect device for anyone who needs to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations whilst on the go.

As with all leaks, rumors and speculation, we have to take the information portrayed in this report with a pinch of salt until Nokia provides us with some solid evidence with regards to what it has in store for its first Android smartphone. But, fortunately, it doesn’t look like we have long to wait.

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