Qualcomm Glance Is A New Android Lock Screen That Learns Your Usage Patterns

Snapdragon Glance

Android users have a variety of third-party lock screens to choose from, which speaks volumes about the versatility of the platform. Today we can add one more to that list with the launch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Glance.

Glance is slightly different from conventional lock screens as it learns from usage and provides information accordingly, in addition to displaying notifications.

As the name suggests, Glance is still in beta, so it may not be completely perfect right now. But it’s certainly a very promising start.

Users get to choose from the apps that they would like to be displayed on the lock screen, in addition to the frequently used apps that are shown by default. The lock screen has its own clock and weather widget, along with a camera shortcut right at the bottom.

It’s not possible to add your own lock screen widgets at this point, but we’re hoping this kind of functionality will make its way to the app in the future.

As a prerequisite, users will also have to install the Qualcomm Snapdragon Battery Guru app, which helps you save battery by turning off features which are not in use. Both apps follow similar protocol and learn with usage patterns, which is ideal for frequent users.

The Snapdragon Glance app requires devices to be running on at least Android 4.3 and above, which is perhaps the only shortcoming of the app. Head over to the Play Store from the link provided below to download the app.